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Land Blessings

Honoring the Sacredness of Hawaii’s Land


In Hawaii, the land holds a profound significance and is regarded as sacred. It is customary to perform blessings when new locations, whether it’s land, homes, or businesses, are acquired.


A Kahu (a spiritual guide, guardian) calls upon the spiritual entities associated with the land, including their own ancestors and the ancestors of the new owners. It’s a collaborative effort, with the new owners actively participating in the blessing, understanding that their actions and intentions will shape the relationship they have with the land.

Capturing the essence of this, the Kahu calls upon of those who hold significant connections to the land, asking them to bring their positive energy and blessing, to foster a harmonious environment. Hawaiian sea salt, known for its cleansing, purifying, and blessing properties,is tossed by the couple in the photo, infusing the land with its sacred essence.


During the ceremony, the Kahu invokes the blessings of Ke Akua (God, spirit), aiming to transform the land into a tranquil sanctuary. They seek protection and safety for all inhabitants and strive to create a positive and balanced environment. The ultimate goal is to establish a harmonious coexistence between the land and its people, where love, peace, and mutual respect prevail.

In essence, land blessings in Hawaii honor the sacredness of the land and the interconnectedness between humans and nature. It combines ancient traditions with a deep understanding of the responsibility we hold as caretakers of the land.

Photos of this Mira Mira event by Milan Kenjic

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